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Founder / Owner

Director of Operations & Administration

Group Fitness Coach - Inclusive, Special Needs, Adapted

Personal Trainer - Inclusive, Special Needs, Adapted

KW Special Olympics PWL Head Coach


CPTN-CPT ​Certified Personal Trainer

ATA - Functional Adaptive Trainer

YTS-FPM Progressive Olympic Lifting Specialist 

YTS-FPM Barbell Training Specialist

CPTN Bench/Squat/Deadlift Specialist

YTS-FPM Mind Body Specialist - I Am Strong L1

NCCP - Special Olympics Competition Coach

First Aid & CPR

Burgener Strength - Weightlifting L1 & L2

Current Studies:


Hobbies & Interests: 

Working out is a passion, but the outdoors is where Sascha wants to be in her spare time; spending time with her family & her dogs.  Hiking, biking, paddle boarding, outdoor workouts and travelling are all things Sascha loves to do.  


Director of Group Fitness & Personal Training

Group Fitness Head Coach - Inclusive, Special Needs, Adapted

Personal Trainer - Inclusive, Special Needs, Adapted

KW Special Olympics PWL Asst Coach



CPTN-CPT Certified Personal Trainer

ATA: Functional Adaptive Trainer

IFSTA FireFighting Level 1 & 2

Volunteer Firefighter

Back Mechanics & Rehabilitation Expert

First Aid & CPR

Burgener Strength - Weightlifting L1 & L2

Opex Programming Principles

Current Studies: 


Hobbies & Interests: 

In Scott's spare time (when he is not smashing weights in the gym) and volunteer firefighting you will find him hiking a trail, mountain biking, paddle boarding or travelling and adventure seeking with his family and dogs. 


Cleaning Crew

Tom has been with Active Soul Project for 3+ years and a proud graduate of Grand River Collegiate Institute’s Life Skills Program. From an early age Tom has been passionate about sports of all kinds. He is a competitive athlete with Ontario Special Olympics, accomplishing many goals and medals throughout the years; hysical activity is an important part of every aspect of Tom’s life. Tom is an active member of the community, volunteering at Rockway Centre and Registry Theatre.

What does Tom do in his free time?

Dancing, exercising and hanging out with friends & family.


Special Needs Group Fitness Specialist


University of Waterloo Optometry

CrossFit Competitor: Regionals & Wodapooloza Athlete

Professional Olympic Lifter

Special Needs Exercise Support Aid

Gabbie is a part-time coach, working with the Friday evening Female RTB class. Gabbie has been with ASP, supporting this class for 3 years during her school terms at UofW. Gabbie will be returning September 2019 for her final semester of coaching, ending her residency with us in December 2019 as she will be moving away to complete her schooling. Gabbie is much loved at ASP by everyone and will forever be considered part of the #asparmy.


Special Needs Exercise Support Specialist
Behavioral Aid
KW Special Olympics PWL Asst Coach


Special Needs Group Home Program Coordinator

Behavioral Specialist

Complex Needs Aid

Autism Support Aid

FASD Specialist

Strongman Competitor

First Aid & CPR

Certificate: Introduction to Autism- Geneva Centre

Hobbies & Interests:

Besides his love for Strongman and training for the next competition, Miguel is a huge foodie and can be found hunting for the next best healthy food experience. He has a passion for film and can talk for hours about movies, and when he wants an adventure he will seek a trail and hike for hours. 


Personal Trainer - Inclusive, Special Needs, Adapted
Recreational Therapist
Restorative Care Specialist
KW Special Olympics PWL Asst. Coach


Honours Diploma - Fitness and Health Promotion, Conestoga College

ATA - Functional Adaptive Trainer

OFC Certified Fitness Leader Level 3

Long Term Care Recreation Therapist

Restorative Care Specialist

Dementia Specialist

Behavior Specialist

Hockey & Softball Athlete

Hobbies & Interests: 

When Mike isn't in the gym working out, you can find him spending time with the family dog Bailey, travelling and will go just about anywhere for a great milkshake. 


Cleaning Crew

Jordan is a recent graduate of the SIP (Specialized Individual Program) from the W. Ross MacDonald School for the Blind in Brantford.   He was a 3x bronze medal winner at the 2017 Special Olympic Provincial games participating in long distance running – 1500m, 3000m and 5000m. Jordan is also a member of the Special Olympics Powerlifting team, which trains right here at ASP.  In the past, he has also done Nordic skiing with SO and played for a local special needs hockey team here in KW. 

He enjoys being outdoors, gardening, watching Disney movies, listening to music, playing his keyboard, singing his own lyrics to songs – sometimes with his window open, at the top of his voice, entertaining the entire neighborhood. Jordan is always full of smiles and will endlessly entertain you once he gets to know you. 


Personal Trainer - Inclusive, Special Needs, Adapted

 Pilates Instructor


NCSF Sports Nutrition

NCSF Personal Trainer

Restorative Pilates Instructor

First Aid & CPR

B.Sc. in Kinesiology 

Current Studies: 

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Precision Nutrition


Hobbies & Interests:

Tanita loves to learn, you will find her deep in a book expanding her library of knowledge or doing something artsy such as painting and drawing. When she needs to relieve stress, she hits the bag; Tanita loves boxing!


BagWorks Boxing Instructor


Fitness Kickboxing Canada: L1 & L2

200 YTT (Yoga Teacher training)

Water Art Shallow and Deep H2O Instructor

White Crow Yoga Aqua Yoga Teacher

Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball Practitioner Training

How it all started....

Sharrie has been teaching fitness classes for nearly 10 years. It began with pole dancing, which was a dare from a friend to go try a class and it grew from there. She has taught many formats of class from boot camps, intervals, yoga and barre. Her favorite classes to coach right now are fitness kickboxing and aqua fitness.

Hobbies & Interests.....

When she's not at the gym coaching, she runs a small house cleaning business and for fun she hikes, dabbles in nature photography, bowling, horseback riding and tarot cards.


Sammie is a University of Waterloo Psychology and Social development studies graduate; currently completing the Autism and Behavioral Sciences Graduate Certificate at Conestoga College.


Fun Fact......

Sammie is also a University of Waterloo varsity volleyball alumni and currently a Conestoga college varsity volleyball athlete.

Hobbies & Interests.....

When she's not at the gym coaching, she runs a small house cleaning business and for fun she hikes, dabbles in nature photography, bowling, horseback riding and tarot cards.


Autism Recreational Consultant & Transition Counselor


ASP Mascots
Friends  & Companions
Moral boosters
Professional smile-makers

Shadow (right) was rescued by Sascha and Scott in May 2018 at the age of 3.  She came from a physically abusive environment where she was kept tied up and confined for 3 years, forced to breed at a very young age. Shadow has spent endless hours rehabilitating and training to gain her confidence, trust men and be successful in society. She enjoys children and other dogs, car rides, playing catch, hikes and swimming. Shadow is a BIG mama's girl. She is a sweet, very happy girl but lives with PTSD and prefers to not be in the spotlight. Shadow is happiest chilling out with a squeeky toy and hanging out with her mom or dad, away from choas and crowds. She loves belly rubs and any treats (except vegetables)!

Can you guess her mix?!! Hint: there's 2 breeds

Nova (left) was rescued by Sascha and Scott In September 2019 at 5 months old. She is lovingly known as our 'dumpster dog', found alone, malnourished, severely underweight and hungry scavenging through an alley garbage bin for food. Nova is now very healthy and very big! Her breed mix is unknown but we love everyone's guesses. Nova is a huge daddy's girl, she is so sweet and super cuddly. Her bark is big and sounds mean but she isn't at all. In fact, she is a huge chicken and a BIG baby! She is super playful, loves EVERYONE and will eat absolutely anything. And she's a talker! Nova makes all kinds of noise, she sounds like a bird, a gremlin and huffs and puffs trying to talk to you; she even burps! She has a very outgoing personality, she wants to know and kiss everyone. 

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